"I am blessed to know Rian 2.0 for over 8 years. When I first met him, he was dancing at a modeling event and when I saw his amazing moves and sensed his gracious and dynamic attitude and energy, I knew we weren’t meant to collaborate in some way. Low and behold, I listened to my intuition and asked him that day if he’d be open to making an appearance in my promo video for an entertainment show I was hosting at the time (the shoot was to be the next day). He said yes! I normally wouldn’t take a chance on someone I didn’t previously know well to join a prescheduled filming last minute, but I’m glad I took that chance with Rian! He showed up not only early with such a positive attitude but he truly added SO much to my show’s premiere video and was a hit! Later on, due to having such a positive experience with Rian, I interviewed him as a guest on my show twice and we have collaborated many times over the years. I would highly recommend that anyone hire or work with Rian as his talent is rare and impressive, his determination, undeniable and his spirit and positivity is dynamic and contagious. He takes his craft seriously and has inspired so many..a true role model." - Lesley Hunter  (CA)

"Rian is AWESOME! Great with kids!"-Diana Geiger (LA dancefit)

"Rian is amazing. There is not much else I could say about him. I have photographed and worked with him on videos over the years and watched him grow into an amazing dancer and person. He is one of my favorite people in the world and one of the most positive uplifting people you will ever have the opportunity to work with. He may not know it but he has inspired me as an artist. His friendship is everything to me and his talent is something special. Love you so much and I am so proud of you!" -Inspired By A True Story (Stl)

"Rian is a dancing king passionate hard-working a true warrior. Im happy to have met you brother and look forward to working with you again. My love goes out to you and your family Team 2.0 Dance Dance Dance"- Jevonnie Flemming (NYC)
"My Grandson B adored Rian. He loved working with him. B’s mommy & daddy said Rian was absolutely amazing working with him. Rian is spectacular and he is just a very good good man! Our family loves Rian"- Shelly Watson ( Stl)
"Rian Martin-Jones and his wife are two of the dopest dancers I have met with their own style n attitude. They are two beautiful souls with a young New beautiful soul that's gonna represent them in dancing. I took my own lessons from them while on the video shoot set of T-mickey n Wyclef Jean."-Nico (NYC)
"Rian mj is a phenomenal dance instructor who moves with passion and teaches from the HEART! Hip-Hop at its BEST!"- Marty K. Casey (Stl)
"2.0's dance classes are full of positive energy. The choreography is fun and the freestyle sessions are super dope."-Cody Morrissey  (Stl)

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